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IUI in Delhi, IUI Treatment Centre in Delhi

Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) Treatment

IUI in Delhi , Best IUI Centre in Delhi, Best IUI Treatment in Delhi, Best IUI Center in Delhi, IUI Cost in Delhi. IUI Stands for (intrauterine insemination) Treatment, where husband semen^ donor semen is washed to remove the debris, pus cells, bacteria and is slowly put Inside uterine cavity by the special catheter Insemination canula. A process is painless, easy and OPD procedure. no sedation or anaesthesia. It increases the chances of pregnancy as semen quality is improved by washing, quality of the egg is improved by medicine and the timing of insemination is set with the ovulation.

What has stimulated IUI Treatment?
The ovaries are gently stimulated with clomiphene citrate tablet either alone or with low dose hormone injection followed by ultrasound monitoring until the follicle are mature when HCG trigger is given. The aim is to stimulate the release of one or two egg only. Once a day of ovulation can be predicted insemination will be timed to within 24 Hours. Unlike IVF, precise timing is not critical.

Does washing have any ill effect on the sperm?
No, it is a time-tested procedure. Washing help in removing all bacteria's dead cells, pus cell only. The couple can see the difference in the quality of sperm count by pre and post wash analysis shown in a lab.

What are the Chances of success rate?
With IUI although on time of insemination is coincided with ovulation but meeting of sperm with egg (fertilization), the transport of fertilized eggs through the tube and its implantation in the uterus and the further continuation of the pregnancy, all these events are left to nature only, success rate of 15-18% worldwide, hence IUI is offered successively for the 4 to 6 cycle. Surrogacy Treatment is a science gift which has given an infertile couple to enjoy the fundamental right of parenthood. Lots of unanswered queries will come into your mind when you think about Surrogacy Treatment Process. Indira IVF Centre can help you to get all those answers
When you and your partner seek for medical consultation for infertility problem, your doctor might suggest you a procedure known as artificial insemination. The word sound a bit strange but it is a simple process without any side effects in general which can help the couple who are not able to get pregnant in the usual way.
So what's the deal with it? Well, in artificial insemination, the sperm is directly injected to the woman's cervix, fallopian tube or uterus. This procedure makes the trip shorter for the sperms to meet the egg and thus increasing the chances of fertilization of egg. IUI is preferred as the first choice of treatment by most of the infertile couples and also recommended by doctors.
IUI is found helpful in cases like low sperm count, poor quality sperms, unreceptive cervical mucus or any abnormality in reproductive organs preventing the mate of sperm with egg.
IUI is a simple procedure and there is no need to worry. Doctor will perform ultrasound and blood test to make sure woman is ovulating at the time. After that, male partner needs to provide sample of his sperm. Sometimes, doctors might suggest male partner to avoid intercourse or 2-5 days before this to make sure that the sperm count remains high.
After collecting the specimens from your partner, the sperms are washed to remove any sort of chemicals that might create discomfort to woman and thus increase the chances of pregnancy. Technicians use the best sperm from the specimen to increase the chances of conceiving. After washing and collecting best sperms, they are place in female uterus by inserting a thin catheter through your vagina.
IUI is small and relatively painless process. Patients are suggested a little rest for next 15 to 45 minutes. After that, they can get back to your usual activities. In some cases, doctor may put female on certain fertility drugs which makes your body ovulate multiple eggs.